Club Accounts is our simple, easy-to-use, income and expenditure recording system written specifically for clubs and memberships.

If you’ve been appointed Treasurer for your club, or volunteered to look after the finances for a group, club or association, but lack the relevant skills or experience, the thought of doing the accounts and bookkeeping may well fill you with dread – this is precisely where we come in!  Simple, intuitive, easy-to-use – our Club Accounts software simplifies everything, removes the jargon, and makes the whole accounting process straight-forward.


Club Accounts is a very simple Income and Expenditure recording system written with the help of the Royal British Legion Clubs Department, especially for clubs


Our Club Accounts software follows the same philosophy as our Club Master club membership software – simplicity! Club Accounts is a very simple Income and Expenditure recording system written specifically for clubs.

We believe that if software is simple and easy to use – it works! Just as with Club Master, our buttons have text on them, not pictures. You know which button to click just by reading the caption – not the manual.

All prompts are clear and easy to understand and you don’t have to be an accountant to use this software!

The system is very simple to set up, needing to know only the start date for your financial year. Income and Expenditure types can be set up. The most usual types are already loaded but these may be added to or deleted to suit individual requirements. Budgets can be set for any or all Income and Expenditure heads. These are used for reporting and can be valuable when assessing performance.

All input is through simple processes with only minimum information required, with the option to add more if needed. Editing entries is also a simple process.


Club Accounts provides weekly, monthly (or period) and annual reports.

Income and expenditure reports show variance against budget for performance comparison.

Probably the most useful report is the Finance Report which may be taken monthly (or period), quarterly and annually.

Club Accounts is currently not suitable for any organisation which is VAT registered.  For clubs which are not VAT registered, Club Accounts offers a very simple and affordable solution. If you are VAT registered, please contact us to discuss your options and to see how we can help.

Only £95.00 one-off cost


Just £7 per month


£7.00 per month, payable by monthly standing order gives you all the features of Club Accounts and some more – including the ability to raise sales invoices, maintain a purchase ledger and extra reporting features and email support.

If you have any questions, please call us on 01234 718938 or email

Our Club Accounts software was designed with guidance and approval from the Royal British Legion Clubs Department