Our History

NCL Associates has been supplying software solutions to the Member Only club market since 1982. Art Software Ltd was formed in 1998 as the marketing arm of the business. The businesses merged in 2008.

We launched our membership software - Club Master  in 1985 and it has been in use UK wide ever since. With our extensive knowledge of membership administration we can design our software to perform in exactly the way you need. Easy to use and fully supported, we know that Club Master answers the needs of the membership secretary 100% !!
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Tote Master followed in 1998 and then in 2002 we launched our Club Accounts package.

Through our long experience and in depth involvement with our many club users we have acquired the knowledge to tailor our software to suit individual needs.

Through our many users we gain a valuable insight into the needs of the Membership Secretary and other club officials.

In addition to our software products we also offer comprehensive support contracts. These not only offer unlimited telephone support (even when the problem is caused by incorrect usage) but include automatic upgrade to the latest version of the software. Support Contracts

We have an ongoing development policy for our software which enables our users to suggest improvements. We constantly add features to our software based on 'wish list' requests from clubs and all users on support contracts get upgrades free of charge.

You may gather that we care about our users - a little unusual in this day and age!

Our attendance software

Our emailer software