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We have been supplying Club Membership software to clubs since 1985 !  

Club Membership Software

Club Membership software Club Membership Software

Club Membership Software

in use across the UK (and the world!) since 1985
now at version Six

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Club Membership software

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Club Master was originally designed to be easy to use by people with little or no computer experience. It is very easy to use and understand but provides everything needed by a club membership secretary on a day to day basis

Club Master has evolved through requests from the users over the years for additional features. Whenever we are asked for modifications to the software, our development team consider whether it would be useful for all users. If they consider it would improve the product then it is incorporated in the next release.

The club who requested the modification gets it free of charge and all users on a support contract get it automatically. Other users can purchase upgrades on a regular basis.

Member Database

The member database has all the usual fields for name, address, renewal date etc. It also has up to ten user definable fields for you to customise the system for your club.

Fees are held on a table of up to forty member types. Fees can be automatically increased (or decreased) when required.

You can indicate if a record is a family head or family member. This means that you can send just one letter to a family of members.

Fee payment is simple and straightforward and a Fee Daybook report may be produced for accounting purposes showing all fees taken together with daily totals. An Overdue Fees report can be produced at any time showing all members who have not yet paid their fees.

Selected reports and mailing labels can be extracted from the database using multiple criteria

Reports include a Summary Report with a single line for each member and a Detailed Report which can be used to add any database fields to the single line report. A Member Breakdown report shows the number of male and female members for each membership type. 

Data can also be exported using the same selection routine and merged in word processing, spreadsheets etc. This can be used to produce mailing labels, personalised letters, membership cards, etc.

A Waiting List Database is provided and there is a full Ex Members Database to hold details of members who have not renewed but may return.

Where a club already has a membership database, we can import the data into Club Master before supplying the software. In this way, the membership secretary can install the software with all the member records already in place.

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